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How to become a mern stack developer?

MERN stack developer is one of the most popular choices of students in today’s world. Where a full stack developer is a person who can create a complete web application using both front-end and back-end development skills. A Mern stack developer is a person who is an expert and develops the same web application using MongoDB, Express, React, and Node. It is a platform which is proficient to become an expert developer and proficient in JavaScript, HTML, CSS for front end and JavaScript with node.js work for back end operation.

In this world, students are keen to learn mern stack developer courses and look for a professional institute which offers quality education. Hindustan Study is an eminent institute which has been serving the best IT education for 20+ years. We have professionally trained and experienced faculty who offer quality education to the students and led to the success of the career path. The institute trains the students in theoretical and practical training where they make you experts in the field. It has a proper placement team which helps the students to get a good job at top companies with high salary packages.

Important: The main purpose of using the MERN stack is to develop apps using JavaScript only. It uses four technologies which make the technology stack and it is JS based. If you know JavaScript (and JSON), the backend, frontend, and database can be operated easily.

What Do You Understand By MERN?

Mern is one of the most popular stacks where it helps the user to create dynamic web interfaces. It is a technology which consists of MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS. It is a set of JavaScript-based technologies which are used in developing web-based applications. A stack is a bundle of technologies used to create a web application. It is a platform used in social media platforms, news aggregation applications and others. There are many eminent companies which use mern stack in web development. It is a technology which has a basic set of frameworks and rolls which facilitate the development of the application.

MERN stack leverages has been discussed below:

MongoDB: It is a database layer which is a full stack application and used to store and manage data. It is an open-source, NoSQL, document-based database where it stores a set of data in binary JSON format. MongoDB is adaptable, where document models get the object code and allow data manipulation. It is distributed in the core, it has horizontal scaling and high availability.

Express: It uses JavaScript on the server side where it helps to create fast and secure back-end applications. It is an open source technology which is an unopinionated, lightweight framework built by nodejs. It is a platform which is designed for web applications and APIs. It was not developed to make websites which easily run on JavaScript machines, Express was developed.

ReactJS: It is declarative, efficient and flexible for building user interfaces. It has UI components which are used to create the user interface of the single-page web application. It allows for the composition of the complex user interface from small and isolated, reusable pieces of code which are called components. It is fast, scalable, and offers code reusability. It is an open-source front-end JavaScript library. It is used on the frontend platforms like browsers, mobile applications and others.

NodeJS: It is a backend layer which hosts the server created using JavaScript. It is an open-source, cross-platform which is used to create server-side tools and applications. It hosts thousands of public/private packages via NPM to facilitate application development over multiple domains. It is designed to build scalable network applications and can execute JavaScript code outside of a browser.

Skills Require To Become A Mern Developer

Where students enrol for mern stack developer training and desire to become professionals. To become a mern professional you need to have expertise in different fields. Here we discuss the steps to become a mern stack developer.

Learn Front End Programming: It is necessary you need to know about front-end programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While these languages play a vital role where HTML is used to create input content which is displayed on the website and easily instructed on the page. It also helps in managing the fonts, colour, heading, graphics, and others. CSS is used to alter the appearance of the website. JavaScript is used to control the behaviour of web pages and make them dynamic, interactive and engaging.

Learn Using Front End Tools: While you have basic knowledge of fr5ont end programming languages. Then you need to know about the various tools which are used in different front ends and tools and different tasks. It is an open-source version which is used to manage the codes and allows web developers to return documents. It is a fast, cable, decentralised and free platform.

Understanding The Basics Of Website Design: Once you learn the technical side then you are ready to explore the design aspects, where you need to have some basic understanding of the principles of designing prototypes, which will help you to make an attractive and engaging website with various colours, fonts, and layouts on the website. It allows you to give your aspects of designing.

Learn React: React is an open source front-end library which is used to create the user interface where they have a single page application and mobile application. It helps to learn with online guides and with some expertise in the platform. Where it is necessary to learn React which is quite essential in the field of mern stack development.

Learn Back End Components: The backend components include Node.js. Express.js, and MongoDB. Where each component has a vital role and Node.js helps the developers to create fast and scalable server-side web applications. Expres.js helps to create, design and build a single page, multiple pages and hybrid web applications and allows to organise web applications on the server side. MongoDB uses to manage the database in a flexible and scalable manner where they have a high capacity with volume and it easily drives multiple languages.

What Our Students Will Get During Mern Stack Training Course?

Hindustan Study avail the students with best services where they get best support from expert faculty who have years experience in mern stack training and have recognised certificates to train the students and give better knowledge in the field. Students get the proper theoretical training where they can have proper knowledge of the field and become an expert. After that students get practical training to become a professional in the field. Where they are guided in a proper way and opportunity to work in real world projects which will make them more expertise.

Students also get career counselling where our professional counsellors guide you in the proper way and help you to choose a career path according to your interest field. Where they help you to get your dream job and solving the doubt and queries related to the course.

Our experts provide students with all the tools and lab facilities where students get a proper idea of the field and reach towards their success goal.

We have a proper placement cell which helps the students to build the resumes and entitles them to the upcoming opportunity of various job options related to their field. It helps to get a job in top companies with good salary packages.

We offer the best services where students can easily come and clear their doubts after completion of the course without any other charges. Even we provide timely doubt sessions where each aspect of the training should be clear to the students.

Fast Facts:

  • Performance and UI rendering
  • Budget-friendly platform.
  • Free and open source software.
  • Easy to switch between clients and servers.
  • Offers native experience to users.

Career Opportunities After Learning Mern Stack

Mern stack is one of the best options for professionals where students have proper planning and offer the best career in full stack application development. Where you can become a full stack developer where you can easily handle all the development processes on the front end, back end and database. Where you have proper knowledge of the field and become a professional. Where you get good career opportunities with a good salary package. After learning the mern stack course you can easily get a job at top companies. A mern stack developer works as an IT professional in different domains. While they can become full stack developers, back end developers, front end development and others. The average salary package of a mern stack developer is 25000- 40000 per month and it increases according to the experience.

Why To Enrol In Our Mern Stack Training Course in Darbhanga,Bihar?

We Focus on Innovative ideas, High-quality Training, Smart Classes, 100% job assistance, Opening the doors of opportunities. Our Mern Stack Trainees are working across the nation. We at Hindustan Study India, No#1 Mern Course in Darbhanga,Bihar with 100% Placement. Certified Trainers with Over 10,000 Students Trained in Online Mern Stack Course in Darbhanga,Bihar.

Why Should You Learn Mern Stack?

  • It is a platform which uses JavaScript for the front end and back end which easily reduces the learning time and cost of the product. You don’t need to learn many other languages for separate clients and server-side applications.
  • It helps to create a full stack application, a mobile application using React native, desktop application using Electron.js which is used for all the JavaScript.
  • MongoDB is a database which is used in different formats, easily stores and manages data and has a standard platform for a few days where you can exchange the information in a full stack application through a client-server and others which help to easily integrate the mern application.
  • It is easily accessible, quick to learn and has less cost which is very little required.
  • All libraries/ tools used in mern stack which is sufficient to develop full-fledged software applications.

Key Takeaways: Mern stack developers can efficiently build web and mobile applications using standard processes and abilities. It implements design thinking with enhanced expertise in various technologies. In the coming years, MERN Stack is highly likely to be used extensively since more and more applications are now built-in in JavaScript.

Reasons To Choose Hindustan study For Mern Stack Developer

  • Hindustan Study is the best institute for learning mern stack courses with quality of education.
  • Professional experts which offer proper training in theoretical and practical . according to industry-relevant training.
  • Students get the option to choose online and offline classes according to their preferences.
  • Institutes offer students the best placement at top companies with good salary packages.
  • Institute has a proper placement cell which helps the students to build a resume and give the latest updates about the job opening.
  • We make professionals and offer industry-relevant knowledge and become successful in the field.
  • Students get an internship where they get proper practical training.
  • We have a professional counselling expert who will give proper detailing of the course.

Frequently Asked MERN Course Interview Questions

1: What are the advantages of ReactJS?

Ans: The advantages of ReactJS are: Increases the application’s performance with Virtual DOM JSX makes code easy to read and write It renders both on the client and server-side Easy to integrate with other frameworks (Angular, BackboneJS) since it is only a view library Easy to write UI Test cases and integration with tools such as JEST.

2: What do you understand about Virtual DOM?

Ans: A virtual DOM is a lightweight JavaScript object which originally is just a copy of the real DOM. It is a node tree that lists the elements, their attributes, and content as objects and their properties. React render function creates a node tree out of the React components. It then updates this tree in response to the mutations in the data model which are caused by various actions done by the user or by the system.

3: What is the purpose of MongoDB?

Ans: MongoDB is a document-oriented database manager designed for storing high volumes of data. It saves data in binary JSON format and implements the concept of collection and documentation. MongoDB is a cross-platform, NoSQL database equipped with high performance, high scalability, and flexibility that allow for seamless querying and indexing.

4: What is the purpose of ExpressJS?

Ans: ExpressJS is a web application framework designed to support and host Node.js projects. It is an open-source framework available under the MIT license. ExpressJS manages the workflow between the front end and the database and facilitates a smooth and secure transfer of data. It boasts excellent error handling and web design functionality to optimise the web development process.

5: What do you know about Asynchronous API?

Ans: Asynchronous API or non-blocking, all fall under the library of Node.js. Node.js servers never have to wait for API to return data. After accessing the API the server moves to the next one. The notification process of Node.js assists the server in receiving responses from previous API calls.

6: Explain the concept of a thread pool?

Ans: The libuv library handles thread pool. Libuv is a C library which is multi-platform in nature & it provides support to asynchronous I/O-based operations for eg. networking, concurrency & file systems.

7: State the term I/O

Ans: I/O (Input/Output) refers to the program’s interaction with systems networks & disks. Some of the eg. is reading or writing data from or to a disk making HTTP requests and communicating to databases. It is stacked to the machine memory to run the program after the application begins.

8: What do you know about Dependency Injection?

Ans: Dependency injection is utilised for separating the client creation dependencies from behaviour, which lets you design a slackly coupled program. It also allows the modification of the behaviour of applications by using the components.

9: What is CallBack Hell?

Ans: A CallBack Hell is a condition, It occurs when many asynchronous functions are chained together. The asynchronous function expects a callback, as it is a return parameter.

10: What is Mongoose?

Ans: Mongoose is also called an object document mapper. It is used to provide a schema-based solution for modelling application data. Validation, Typecasting, query construction, business logic hooks, and others, are also functionalities of Mongoose.

  • .JAVASCRIPT (ES-5 and ES-6)

    • Basic JavaScript
    • DOM and BOM
    • Intervals and Objects
    • Prototype ,Hoisting and Closure
    • Let , Const , Arrow , Class and Inheritance
    • Map, Filter , Reduce , Template Literals
    • forEach, for-in, for-of loop.


    • Why Typescript
    • Basic Types
    • Class and Interfaces
    • Modules


    • What is React JS?
    • What is SPA?
    • DOM vs Virtual DOM
    • Advantages and Disadvantages
    • Key Features


    • Node | NPM
    • Installation of CLI
    • Setup Project
    • Directory Structure
    • Code Editors
    • How React JS Application Boot


    • React Concepts
    • JSX and TSX
    • Render Elements
    • Function and Class Components
    • Props and State
    • Handling Events
    • Dynamic Data Rendering
    • Property Binding


    • Conditional Rendering
    • List and Keys
    • Forms Handling
    • Forms Validations


    • Understanding component lifecycle
    • All Lifecycle Hooks


    • Understanding React Event System
    • Passing arguments to event Handlers


    • Fetch
    • Axios


    • Introduction to Services
    • Building a Service


    • Local Storage
    • Session Storage
    • Cookies


    • Setting up React Router
    • Configuring route with Route Component
    • Making routes dynamic with Route Params
    • Working with nested routes
    • Link and NavLink
    • Redirect Routes


    • Angular Material
    • PrimeNG


    • Why Redux
    • Install and setup
    • Store ,Reducer , actions
    • Dispatcher
    • High order Components
    • mapStateToProps and mapDispatchToProps usage


    • Async Actions
    • Middleware
    • Redux Thunk and Redux Saga

    React Hooks

    • Why We Need Hooks.
    • Different Types Of Hooks
    • Using State And Effect Hooks
    • Usereducer , Useref Etc
    • .
    • Custom Hooks
    • Rules Of Hooks

    Third Party Modules

    • Social Login
    • Pagination
    • Search
    • Filter
    • JWT Token
    • File Upload
    • Many More

    Rest Js Testing

    • Jest with Enzyme

    Develop a CRUD Application in React Js React JS Application Deployment

    • Build Application and Deployment

    Node Js

    Introduction to Node.js

    • What is node.js
    • A word on event loop
    • Event driven architecture
    • Blocking vs non-blocking code
    • Node Process Model
    • Setup node.js
    • Node REPL
    • Debugging node.js app

    Modules in JS

    • Understanding exports and require
    • Creating modules
    • Importing modules
    • Quick tour on NPM
    • Installing 3rd party modules

    Events & streams

    • Significance of Events
    • Event Emitter class
    • Emitting and listening to events
    • Types of streams
    • Working with streams
    • Composing streams using pipe

    Working with Process and File System

    • Process object
    • Handling exceptions at process level
    • Listening to process events
    • Working with file system using fs module
    • Creating, Copying, Deleting files
    • Creating, Copying, Deleting directories
    • Watching for file changes


    • Building a Web Server
    • HTTP Request Methods, Headers
    • Response Codes and Headers

    Express Js

    Expressjs Introduction & Setup

    • Building a Web Server
    • HTTP Request Methods, Headers
    • Response Codes and Headers
    • Serving static files with express
    • Express application generator


    • Route Methods
    • Route Paths
    • Parameterized Routes
    • Route Handlers
    • Express Router


    • Types of middleware
      • Application
      • Router
      • Error
      • Built-in
      • Third-party
    • Error middleware
    • Body parser, cors , cookie parser, session management

    Template Engines

    • What are template engines
    • EJS
    • Jade
    • Handlebars

    Expressjs security

      • Authentication
      • JWT
      • Securing routes
    • Debugging in Express
    • Realtime programming with Socket.io


    Introduction to MongoDB

    • Installing MongoDB
    • The current SQL/NoSQL landscape
    • Document-oriented vs. other types of storage
    • Mongo’s featureset
    • Common use-cases
    • MongoDB databases
    • MongoDB Collections
    • MongoDB Documents

    CRUD Operations in Mongodb

    • Creating documents
      • insert()
      • update()
      • save()
    • Querying documents
      • find()
      • Working with equality
      • Query operators
      • Building complex queries
    • Updating documents
    • Deleting documents
    • Limit
    • Order By

    Introduction to Mongoose

    Core concepts of Mongoose

    • Understanding mongoose schemas and datatypes
    • Working with Models
    • Using modifiers in schema
    • Using virtual fields
    • Optimizing query performance by enabling indexes

    Mern Application Deployment

    • Build Application
    • Deploy in Heroku

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

    1: What is Mern Stack?

    Ans: MERN is a technology stack used to develop a full-stack software application. A technology stack is a set of frameworks and tools which facilitate the development of an application. It is a platform which consists of MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js.

    2: How long does it take to learn MERN stack?

    Ans: It depends on the fundamental skill set. If you have sound technical knowledge of underlying languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript; it would take around 6-8 weeks to become a beginner-level MERN stack developer with hands-on practice.

    3: What is the salary of a MERN Stack developer?

    Ans: The salary of a full stack developer depends on 3 different factors. It is location, skillset, and experience. Where the average salary is 25000- 40000 per month.

    4: What are some key concepts to learn in MERN Stack?

    Ans: MERN Stack is built of 4 robust technologies i.e. MongoDB, Express.js, React.js and Node, js. To become a MERN Stack developer, one should have a working knowledge of all the above technologies.

    5: What are the MERN stack developer jobs?

    Ans: As a MERN stack developer, you will be assigned one or multiple jobs like:

    • Front end developer
    • Back end developer
    • Full stack developer
    • Database administrator

    6: Things to prepare before applying for MERN Stack Developer Job

    Ans: Create a personal portfolio with experience and projects. Showcase your GitHub projects. Add 2-3 good MERN projects to your portfolio which should be live on some URL. Solve DS & Algo problems to develop strong logic using Codewars, HackerRank, Codechef etc. Revise Fundamentals of Javascript, React & Node/Express.

    7: Where to find MERN stack jobs?

    Ans: There are several job portals where you can find Fullstack MERN job opportunities. LinkedIn Stack Overflow Jobs Apply on job portals Duct placement cells also help the students to get jobs.

    8: How is the placement teamwork?

    Ans: Hindustan Study has a proper placement cell which helps the students to get their dream job.

    9: Does Hindustan Study also hold workshops?

    A: Yes, we offer workshops for the students to give a better knowledge of teh particular field and help them become an expert.

    10: I Have More Queries?

    A: In case you have any other queries contact us and our experts will get in touch with you in a short period.

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