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Table of Contents

  • What is Python?
  • Who Can Apply in Online Python Courses in Darbhanga,Bihar?
  • Why you should Learn Python Programming with Hindustan Study?
  • Main objectives of the Python course
  • Why Hindustan Study is The Best Institute for Online Python Training in Darbhanga,Bihar?
  • Why Enroll in Our Python Training Course in Darbhanga,Bihar?
  • Career after Python Programming Training Course
  • Why Choose Hindustan Study For Python Course in Darbhanga,Bihar?
  • How Hindustan Study Provides Best Placement Assistance?
  • Python Interview Questions
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Looking Best Institute for Python Training in Darbhanga,Bihar HINDUSTAN STUDY offers Python classes with live project by the expert trainer. Our training program is specially designed for Under-Graduates, Graduates, Working Professionals and Freelancers. We provide end to end learning on Python Domain with deeper dives for Creating a winning career for every profile.

What is Python?

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<itemscope=” itemtype=”http://data-vocabulary.org/Review-aggregate”>Python programming language is a general-purpose, dynamic, high level, and powerful Programming Language. It supports Object Oriented programming ways to develop applications. It is effortless and straightforward to learn and provides lots of high-level data structures. Python is simple to learn & powerful and versatile scripting language, which creates it appealing for Application Development.

It takes place to be a natural programming language that offers its guide to numerous utility kinds, starting from schooling to organization computing to internet development. Tech MNCs like Google & HCL, together with Integra, have also made use of this language, and its popularity has continued to rise. This language has helped in bringing actual global, and computing loads close with its Raspberry Pi.

This language is low-cost, a card-sized microcomputer helps tech fanatics to construct various DIY stuffs like video gaming consoles, faraway managed cars, and robots. It arises to be that programming language that powers this microcomputer. Candidates who want to learn Python in Darbhanga,Bihar, can also choose from exclusive DIY initiatives to be had online and enhance their capabilities and motivations by using completing such live projects.

Important: Python is a language that is widely known for its pragmatic features such as easy readability, database management, security, integration with third-party tools, traffic management, etc. Python is used for data analytics, machine learning, and even design.

Who Can Apply in Online Python Courses in Darbhanga,Bihar?

Aspirants with somewhat knowledge in the computer field can apply for this Python Training in Darbhanga,Bihar and find how useful this training is in getting them placed in reputed IT companies across the world.

Programmers who want to add more features in an app development without any issue and trouble and that too within the shortest possible time-period will find this knowledge very useful. IT organizations and other companies will be able to reach better and quicker for everyone. Enterprises also look at this Python Training Course in Darbhanga,Bihar in applicants as this knowledge helps to conduct GIS analysis at ease.

Python Course

Fast Facts:

  • Python is one of the oldest programming languages.
  • Python has multiple variants.
  • Python was developed as a hobby project by Guido Van Rossum in December 1989.
  • It is an open-source language.
  • Python supports multiple returns.

Why you should Learn Python Programming with Hindustan Study?

Below are the few reasons to choose python:

  • Python has a very simple syntax which is easy to understand
  • Millions of jobs opportunities for python developers.
  • Python is one of the most leading, soft, and powerful open-source languages that are easy to learn.
  • Python is simple to use and has powerful functions for data manipulation and analysis.
  • For more than a decade, Python has been used in mathematical computing and highly quantitative rule such as finance, oil and gas, physics, and signal processing as of today.

Main objectives of the Python course are as follows:

  • Write python scripts, unit test code
  • Programmatically download and analyze data
  • Learn techniques to deal with different types of data, i.e., ordinal, categorical, encoding
  • Learn data visualization

Why Hindustan Study is The Best Institute for Online Python Training in Darbhanga,Bihar?

At Hindustan Study, our course syllabus is designed by highly experienced professionals. It contains some concepts of programming such as classes, functions, OOPs, memory management, garbage collections, standard library modules, iterators, exception handling, and many more, which helps students at every stage of learning. At Hindustan Study Darbhanga,Bihar, we believe that you are the future of the IT industry, and we prepare you for a career with top MNCs Organizations.

We are a reputed Institute that is popular for providing Best Python Training Institute in Darbhanga,Bihar If you are looking for Best IT & Technical Training Institute in Darbhanga,Bihar. Visit our Institute. We are certified partners with various Multi-National Companies, and we provide our students with professional certification.

Why Enroll in Our Python Training Course in Darbhanga,Bihar?


Students will build a live project showcasing their skills in web development, systems development, data analysis, and application development using Python. Learn to code in Python language and make your future brighter by learning it from Best Python Institute in Darbhanga,Bihar. For better results, go for this course, which is a good start for beginners who want to step up in Programming.

<itemscope=” itemtype=”http://data-vocabulary.org/Review-aggregate”>After Python Training Courses, you will get confidence in programming and can work on your projects. As most of the companies are offering jobs for those employees who know of Python programming language, there are a lot of job opportunities in Python. Thus python programming courses will be beneficial for your growth in the industry. The only need for a student is to select the right direction from the right place like Hindustan Study, the Best IT Training Institute in Darbhanga,Bihar.

Batch Details

Key Takeaways

  • It has readable code.
  • It easily handles the error gracefully.
  • Python has concise code.
  • Python is a language which is used for personal and professional projects.
  • Python is used in data analysis and web development.

Training & Placement

The Training & Placement cell is devoted to providing all available help to the candidates in their efforts to follow out employment and Best Python Internships in Darbhanga,Bihar in every area. The placement administration works beside alternative administration as a team in moulding the scholars to the fundamental of varied industries.

We got proactive and business clued-in Placement Cells that delight itself on a robust skilled network across various sectors. It actively coordinates with every candidate and ensures that they get placed with MNCs among six months of graduating.

Career after Python Programming Training Course

  • There are millions of job openings for python developers.
  • Python is a widely-used programming language for web development language, and this fact will create more and more job opportunities for python skills.
  • Due to the developing demand for websites, web applications & artificial intelligence, python has captured the market for its survival.
  • If you look at the famous job market and search for python developer jobs, you will realize the importance of this language.

Why Choose HINDUSTAN STUDY For Python Course in Darbhanga,Bihar?

  • Python Course in HINDUSTAN STUDY Darbhanga,Bihar is constructed according to the current IT industry.
  • HINDUSTAN STUDY is called the best Python Course training centre in Darbhanga,Bihar because we mainly focus on practical and live project session.
  • HINDUSTAN STUDY offers the best in the class corporate training session for Python that will generate you from your classroom right into the corporate world of real-time programming.
  • HINDUSTAN STUDY is an excellent training institute in Darbhanga,Bihar with better integrated infrastructure and newly created labs for students to prepare and follow training for several courses at Darbhanga,Bihar.
  • All our training sessions are established on live market projects. Training will be operated by certified experts.
  • HINDUSTAN STUDY lecture rooms are entirely geared up with projectors and WIFI-Access.
  • 24 x 7 workshop ease. Candidates are a compliment to approach the workshops for an endless number of time as per their chosen timings. HINDUSTAN STUDY gives the best Python Course Training in Darbhanga,Bihar.
  • At HINDUSTAN STUDY, Python Course Training in Darbhanga,Bihar is delivered by skilled working corporate having 10+ years of experience in achieving real-time Python projects.
  • HINDUSTAN STUDY has secured hundreds of its candidates in multiple reputed companies and has developed a remarkable reputation in the market.
  • Python Course is one of the best trending and hugely carrier oriented development in the IT market.
  • Through our training development, you will raise the knowledge of technology at the industrial level.
  • HINDUSTAN STUDY is one of the good Python Course institutes in Darbhanga,Bihar with 100% job service.
  • HINDUSTAN STUDY has specific course modules and training development for candidates.
  • HINDUSTAN STUDY lecture rooms are completely geared up with projectors and WIFI-Access.
  • It is based on the current industry market that helps students to safe placements in their dream jobs at Multinational Companies.
  • There are various reasons which make HINDUSTAN STUDY one of the best Python Course Training Institute in Darbhanga,Bihar & Darbhanga,Bihar.
  • HINDUSTAN STUDY is giving hands-on practical knowledge and full placement assistance with introductory as well as advanced level Python Course Training session.
  • One of the hugest team of certified professional teachers with 4 to 10 years of market experience.
  • HINDUSTAN STUDY workshops are well-appointed with the current version of hardware and software.


How HINDUSTAN STUDY Provides Best Placement Assistance?

  • HINDUSTAN STUDY is the best institute for Python Certification Training in Darbhanga,Bihar in providing placement assistance to every student.
  • We also teach students how to build their Resumes.
  • Our Placement cell helps every student to get a job in MNCs like Tech Mahindra, Wipro, TCS, Accenture, etc.
  • Internships are also available in HINDUSTAN STUDY.

The placement department works beside alternative departments as a team in molding the scholars to the necessities of varied industries. We got proactive and business clued-in Placement Cells that pride itself on a robust skilled network across numerous sectors.

It actively coordinates with every student and ensures that they get placed with purported MNCs among six months of graduating. We are the Best Python Training Institute in Darbhanga,Bihar.

HINDUSTAN STUDY Darbhanga,Bihar is one in all the leading IT & Technical Training Institute in Darbhanga,Bihar. We have got a team of Best professionals who teaches our students to learn Python on live projects. We provide Quality in Python Training Course in Darbhanga,Bihar to come up with deployable and expert professionals for the industry. We are certified partners with various Multi-National Companies (MNCs) and provide our students with professional certification.

Our Top Hiring Partner for Placements


Python Interview Questions – Updated (2022)

Q: Explain some characteristics of Python?

Ans: Python is a general purpose, high-level, interpreted language. It was specifically developed to make the content readable. Python has often been compared to the English language, and it also has fewer syntactic constructions compared to other languages.

Q: What are some distinct features of Python?

Ans: The features of Python are:

  • Structured and functional programming is supported.
  • It can be compiled to byte code to create larger applications.
  • Supports high-level dynamic data types.
  • Supports checking of dynamic data types.
  • Applies automated garbage collection.

Q: What are tuples?

Ans: Tuples are a sequence data type with immutable values in Python. The number of values I tuples are separated by commas.

Q: What is pep 8?

Ans: Python Enhancement Proposal or pep 8 is a set of rules that specify how to format Python code for maximum readability.

Q:What is the Pass statement?

Ans: A Pass statement in Python is used when we cannot decide what to do in our code, but we must type something to make it syntactically correct.


Ans: it is an environment variable which is used when a module is imported. Whenever a module is imported, PYTHONPATH is also looked up to check for the presence of the imported modules in various directories. The interpreter uses it to determine which module to load.

Q: What is the usage of the help() and dir() function in Python?

Ans: Help() and dir() both functions are accessible from the Python interpreter and used for viewing a consolidated dump of built-in functions. Help() function: The help() function is used to display the documentation string and also facilitates you to see the help related to modules, keywords, attributes, etc. Dir() function: The dir() function is used to display the defined symbols.

Q: What is docstring?

Ans: Docstring is a Python documentation string, it is a way of documenting Python functions, classes, and modules.

Q: What are relational operators, assignment operators, and membership operators?

Ans: The purpose of relational operators is to compare values. The assignment operators in Python can help in combining all the arithmetic operators with the assignment symbol. Membership operators in Python with the purpose to validate the membership of a value in a sequence.

Q: Describe multithreading in Python?

Ans: Using Multithreading to speed up the code is not the go-to option, even though Python comes with a multi-threading package. The package has the GIL or Global Interpreter Lock, which is a construct. It ensures that only one of the threads executes at any given time. A thread acquires the GIL and then performs work before passing it to the next thread.

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  • .Introduction To Python

    • Duration: 2 Months
    • Why Python
    • Application areas of python
    • Python implementations
      • Cpython
      • Jython
      • Ironpython
      • Pypy
    • Python versions
    • Installing python
    • Python interpreter architecture
      • Python byte code compiler
      • Python virtual machine(pvm)

    Writing and Executing First Python Program

    • Using interactive mode
    • Using script mode
      • General text editor and command window
      • Idle editor and idle shell
    • Understanding print() function
    • How to compile python program explicitly

    Python Language Fundamentals

    • Character set
    • Keywords
    • Comments
    • Variables
    • Literals
    • Operators
    • Reading input from console
    • Parsing string to int, float

    Python Conditional Statements

    • If statement
    • If else statement
    • If elif statement
    • If elif else statement
    • Nested if statement

    Looping Statements

    • While loop
    • For loop
    • Nested loops
    • Pass, break and continue keywords

    Standard Data Types

    • Int, float, complex, bool, nonetype
    • Str, list, tuple, range
    • Dict, set, frozenset

    String Handling

    • What is string
    • String representations
    • Unicode string
    • String functions, methods
    • String indexing and slicing
    • String formatting

    Python List

    • Creating and accessing lists
    • Indexing and slicing lists
    • List methods
    • Nested lists
    • List comprehension

    Python Tuple

    • Creating tuple
    • Accessing tuple
    • Immutability of tuple

    Python Set

    • How to create a set
    • Iteration over sets
    • Python set methods
    • Python frozenset

    Python Dictionary

    • Creating a dictionary
    • Dictionary methods
    • Accessing values from dictionary
    • Updating dictionary
    • Iterating dictionary
    • Dictionary comprehension

    Python Functions

    • Defining a function
    • Calling a function
    • Types of functions
    • Function arguments
      • Positional arguments, keyword arguments
      • Default arguments, non-default arguments
      • Arbitrary arguments, keyword arbitrary arguments
    • Function return statement
    • Nested function
    • Function as argument
    • Function as return statement
    • Decorator function
    • Closure
    • Map(), filter(), reduce(), any() functions
    • Anonymous or lambda function

    Modules & Packages

    • Why modules
    • Script v/s module
    • Importing module
    • Standard v/s third party modules
    • Why packages
    • Understanding pip utility

    File I/O

    • Introduction to file handling
    • File modes
    • Functions and methods related to file handling
    • Understanding with block

    Object Oriented Programming

    • Procedural v/s object oriented programming
    • OOP principles
    • Defining a class & object creation
    • Object attributes
    • Inheritance
    • Encapsulation
    • Polymorphism

    Exception Handling

    • Difference between syntax errors and exceptions
    • Keywords used in exception handling
      • try, except, finally, raise, assert
    • Types of except blocks

    Regular Expressions(Regex)

    • Need of regular expressions
    • Re module
    • Functions /methods related to regex
    • Meta characters & special sequences

    GUI Programming

    • Introduction to tkinter programming
    • Tkinter widgets
      • Tk, label, Entry, Textbox, Button
      • Frame, messagebox, filedialog etc
    • Layout managers
    • Event handling
    • Displaying image

    Multi-Threading Programming

    • Multi-processing v/s Multi-threading
    • Need of threads
    • Creating child threads
    • Functions /methods related to threads
    • Thread synchronization and locking


    Introduction to Database

    • Database Concepts
    • What is Database Package?
    • Understanding Data Storage
    • Relational Database (RDBMS) Concept

    SQL (Structured Query Language)

    • SQL basics
    • DML, DDL & DQL
    • DDL: create, alter, drop
    • SQL constraints:
      • Not null, unique,
      • Primary & foreign key, composite key
      • Check, default
    • DML: insert, update, delete and merge
    • DQL : select
    • Select distinct
    • SQL where
    • SQL operators
    • SQL like
    • SQL order by
    • SQL aliases
    • SQL views
    • SQL joins
      • Inner join
      • Left (outer) join
      • Right (outer) join
      • Full (outer) join
      • Mysql functions
      • String functions
      • Char_length
      • Concat
      • Lower
      • Reverse
      • Upper
      • Numeric functions
      • Max, min, sum
      • Avg, count, abs
      • Date functions
      • Curdate
      • Curtime
      • Now

    Python Database Connectivity

    • Creating database connection
    • Understanding Cursor
    • Executing queries
    • Parameterized queries

    Project using tkinter and database connectivity

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

    Q:What is Python?

    A:Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. It is simple, easy to learn syntax that emphasizes readability.

    Q:Why choose the Python Course?

    A:Python is a preferred high-level, server-side programming language for websites and mobile apps. For both, new and old developers, Python has managed to stay a language of choice with ease.

    Q:What is the duration of the Python Training Course?

    A:The duration of the Python course is for 4.5 months.

    Q:Do you provide placements?

    A:Yes, we provide job placements to the students.

    Q:What are the job opportunities after learning Python?

    Ans: The job opportunities after learning python offer better career options where they have various fields such as software engineer, data scientist, machine learning engineer, data analyst and others.

    Q:What is the salary offered to Python Developers?

    A: The average salary is 4.50 LPA.

    Q: Does Hindustan study also provide placement support?

    A: Yes, Hindustan Study provides placement support to the students. As we have a placement cell that gives regular updates to the students on the various job openings through our social media platforms and groups.

    Q: What types of services are offered by Hindustan Study?

    A: We offer various services such as campus training, corporate training, classroom training and industrial training for the students.

    Q: Does Hindustan Study also hold workshops?

    A: Yes, we offer workshops for the students to give a better knowledge of teh particular field and help them become an expert.

    Q: I Have More Queries?

    A: In case you have any other queries contact us and our experts will get in touch with you in a short period.


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