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.NET Core 2.0

About the Course

ASP.Net MVC Core is the new web framework from Microsoft. ASP.NET Core is the framework you want to use for web development with .NET. It has been redesigned from the ground upwards to be fast, flexible, modern, and work across different programs. At the end this course, you will receive everything you need to embark on using ASP.NET Core and write an application that can create, edit, and view data from a database.


This tutorial is designed for software programmers who would like to learn the basics of ASP.NET Core from scratch. The .NET Core Development course is primarily designed for .NET Beginners/Professionals who want to learn how to develop modern apps using .NET Core. In this program, you will learn about .NET Core CLI, Asp .Net Core, Middleware, MVC Core Framework, Request Pipeline for Asp .Net Core, Html Helpers, Tag Helpers, Custom Helpers, Validation and Custom Validation, Querying Database using Entity Framework Core, ASP.NET Core Authentication, and Authorization, Front End Frameworks and tools & finally publish it on IIS.




    • Introduction
    • What is .NET Core?
    • .NET Core Features
    • Why Choose .NET Core
    • MVC Pattern
    • Compare .NET Core Framework and .Net Framework


    • Introduction of DOTNET CLI
    • Working with DOTNET CLI Commands (new, restore, build, publish, run .. etc)
    • Create First Console Application using DOTNET CLI.
    • Understand Dependencies
    • Understand Code execution flow
    • Add & Removing Dependencies
    • Working with Visual Studio Code Tool Modularity


    • Environment Setup and Configuration options for ASP.NET Core Application.
    • Understanding of ASP.NET Core Project Layout.
    • Introduction to .NET Command Line Interface (CLI).
    • Understanding of .NET CLI Commands.
    • Creating and Running Project using .NET CLI.
    • Understanding of .NET Core development using Visual Studio Code Editor.
    • Understanding steps involved in Request Life Cycle of ASP.NET Core.
    • Working with Multiple Environments.


    • Introduction
    • How Middleware Works Using
    • ApplicationBuilder
    • Showing Exception Details
    • Middleware to Match the Environment
    • Serving Files
    • Setting up ASP.NET MVC Middleware
    • Summary


    • Introduction
    • The Model View Controller Design Pattern
    • Routing
    • Conventional Routes
    • Attribute Routes
    • Action Results
    • Rendering Views
    • Summary


    • Introduction
    • Models and View Models
    • Understanding ASP.NET Core MVC Validation
    • Need of Server Side and Client-Side Validation
    • Accepting Form Input
    • POST Redirect GET Pattern
    • Model Validation with Data Annotations
    • Summary


    • Understanding of Razor View Engine.
    • Difference between Razor View Engine and Web Form Engine.
    • Understanding of Razor Syntax.
    • Understanding of passing data from View to Controller.
    • Introduction to Razor Pages in ASP.NET Core Introduction
    • Understanding and Creating View Component.
    • Layout Views
    • _ViewStart
    • _ViewImports
    • Razor Pages
    • An Edit Form
    • Partial Views
    • Summary


    • Understanding Html Helpers
    • Types of Html Helpers
    • Built-In Html Helpers
    • Tag Helpers
    • Inline Helpers
    • Custom Helpers Url helpers


    • Introduction
    • SQL Server LocalDB
    • Installing the Entity Framework
    • Implementing a DbContext
    • Configuring the Entity Framework Services
    • Entity Framework Migrations
    • Up and Running
    • Summary


    • Understanding Dependency Injection.
    • Advantages of Dependency Injection.
    • Using of Dependency Injection in ASP.NET Core


    • Introduction
    • An Overview of ASP.NET Identity
    • An Overview of OpenID Connect
    • Using Secure Connections and Registering the App
    • OpenID Connect Configuration
    • Authentication Services and Middleware
    • User Authorization
    • Identities and Claims
    • Summary


    • ASP.NET CORE Application deployment on Windows IIS
    • ASP.NET CORE Application deployment on Cloud
    • ASP.NET Core Application deployment on Cloud Using Docker

    ASP.Net Core WEBAPI

    • What is WebAPI?
    • Why select Web API?
    • Advantage of WebAPI
    • Understanding Http Request Verbs & Constraints
    • Http Response Http Status Code
    • Creating a Web API Project
    • Implementing GET, PUT, POST & DELETE method
    • ASP NET Web API and SQL Server
    • Web API Content Negotiation
    • Web API MediaTypeFormatter
    • Web API query string parameters
    • FromBody and FromUri in Web API
    • Call ASP NET Web API from jQuery
    • Calling Web API service in a cross domain using jQuery ajax
    • Cross origin resource sharing ASP NET Web API
    • Enable SSL in Visual Studio Development Server
    • ASP NET Web API enable HTTPS
    • Implementing basic authentication in Web API
    • Call web api service with basic authentication using jquery ajax
    • Web API token authentication
    • Web API user registration
    • Using asp net identity with Web API
    • Using fiddler to test Web API token based authentication
    • Web API login & logout page
    • How to get authenticated user identity name in asp net web api
    • ASP NET Web API Google & Facebook authentication
    • Web API attribute routing constraints
    • Generating links using route names in asp net web api
    • IHttpActionResult vs HttpResponseMessage
    • Web API versioning using querystring parameter
    • Web API versioning using a custom header & accept header
    • Web API versioning using Web API versioning using custom media types


    • What is jQuery
    • What is $document ready function in jquery
    • Benefits of using CDN
    • jQuery #id selector
    • jQuery Element Selector
    • Working with jQuery class , attribute and value selector
    • jQuery case insensitive attribute selector
    • jQuery input vs input
    • Working with jquery Controls
    • jQuery each function
    • jQuery method chaining
    • What is JSON
    • Convert JSON object to string & string to object
    • jQuery wrap elements
    • jQuery insert element before and after
    • Difference between $ each and each
    • Difference between each and map in jquery
    • Working with JQuery Event
    • Implementing jQuery image gallery
    • jQuery image slideshow with thumbnails
    • Simple jquery progress bar
    • jquery ajax load Razor page
    • jquery ajax get function
    • load json data using jquery ajax
    • jquery ajax get xml data
    • jquery ajax method
    • Calling web API using jquery ajax
    • Handling json data returned from web API
    • Handling json arrays returned from web API with jquery
    • Save data using asp net web API and jquery ajax
    • Check if username exists in database with ajax
    • How to suggest available username
    • Cascading dropdownlist using jquery and asp net
    • jQuery datatables plugin
    • jQuery datatables get data from database table
    • jQuery datatables individual column search
    • jQuery datatable show hide columns
    • jQuery datatables stored procedure for paging sorting and searching


    • Basic Types
    • Variable Declarations
    • Classes
    • Functions
    • Interfaces
    • Generics
    • Enums
    • Type Inference
    • Namespaces
    • Modules
    • Mixins
    • Iterators and Generators
    • TypeScript 2.X Features

    ASP.Net Core AngularCLI

    • What is Angular CLI
    • Installing Angular CLI
    • Customize Command Prompt
    • Configuration of Angular CLI file
    • Understanding Angular CLI project structure
    • Angular CLI component
    • Angular CLI Service
    • Angular CLI Module
    • Angular CLI generate directives, pipes and routing guards
    • Angular CLI generate class, interface and Enum
    • Introduction of Linting TypeScript
    • Implementing routing in separate module in angular CLI

    ASP.Net Core Angular CRUD

    • Angular project setup
    • Reading data in angular
    • Understanding Angular routing and navigation
    • Working of Angular base href
    • Difference b/w Angular value vs ngvalue
    • Pass data from parent to child component in angular
    • Angular route params
    • Implementing Angular optional route parameters
    • Working with Data filtering in angular component
    • Create observable from array
    • Implementing Edit form in angular
    • Implementing Delete form in angular
    • Understanding Angular content projection
    • Understanding Angular client server architecture
    • Implementing Angular http client get example
    • Working with Angular http client error handling
    • Working with Angular http client Post
    • Working with Angular http client Put
    • Working with Angular http client Delete

    ASP.Net Core Angular6

    • Introductions of Angular6
    • New Features in Angular6
    • Install Bootstrap for Angular 6
    • Angular form control and form group
    • Angular setvalue and patchvalue methods
    • Angular formbuilder example
    • Implementing Form validation in Angular
    • Angular reactive forms validation
    • Using reactive form custom validator with parameter
    • Angular reactive forms cross field validation
    • Creating formarray of formgroup objects in Angular
    • Working with Angular dynamic forms
    • Remove dynamically created form controls in angular
    • Angular reactive forms post ,put & edit, example
    • Lazy loading in angular
    • Preloading angular modules
    • Angular custom preloading strategy

    Technical Design & Development (Project Based)

    • Working with Project
    • Programming Language: C# (MVC Razor)
    • WebApi Service
    • Designing Tools
    • CSHTML
    • Using CSS
    • Using Ajax
    • Using JQuery
    • Using Angular

    Interview Question and Prepartion for placement

    • Technical Interview Preparation
    • Mock Interview preparation
    • HR Session
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